Since 2000, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in work, with their teams and in their organizations.   I am here to help my clients to be the leaders and have the impact that they envision.   The process is simple and yet it takes a courageous leader to follow it.  If you are that leader - courageous yet humble enough to learn new ways of leading - let me help you handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.



Executive Coach, Master Trainer and OD Advisor

Danny Ceballos  is a leadership consultant, trainer and executive coach.

He works with individuals and organizations to excel in workplace performance, productivity,

and employee engagement by "Building Better Bosses".


Danny works with CEOs, executive directors, management teams, and Boards of Directors to create workplace systems, processes, and best practices that are sustainable and triple bottom-line effective. Danny firmly believe that people will bring their best, authentic, and most productive selves to their work when thoughtful effective support systems surround them.  When clients engage with Danny - creating leadership development strategies, systems, and pipelines – it results in skilled middle + executive managers that are deeply motivated and joyfully inspired to exceptional performance.


Danny has a BA in Psychology, an MBA in Marketing, and an MA in Organizational Development. He is a trained executive coach.Danny was born in Bogota, Colombia, raised in Binghamton, New York, and now lives in Oakland, California.


International Youth Foundation

This week I sat down with Christina Buggappa with International Youth Foundation. Navigating home life and work life, diversity in the 21st century workforce, and how to serve your community during a pandemic are just a few of the topics we dove into. 


"In the middle of all of this [Covid-19] we were so busy and work was becoming more in demand. Our organization has needs to fill for the communities we serve. It was moving very very fast. During all of that my team members and I also had to navigate how to become stay at home workers, online learning for children and protect our households."


During the holiday season where many of us are making hard decisions, and cancelling plans, it is important to think greater than ourselves; about our communities, about those we serve, and about those around us. 


Christina, thank you for reigniting my perspective, and preparing us all for the new year. 



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